Best Dog Collars: 5 Options for your Forever Friend

A game changer for the Four-legged Fashion Game. Collars can be used for training, walking, identification, and fashion, but remember, the best collars always incorporate...

Before we reveal the best dog collars, let me ask you a question…

What are you going to wear today? How will you do your hair? Accessories or no?


Now take a look at your pooch. The poor guy (or gal) doesn’t have those options (unless you are Elle Woods). We can style ourselves to our hearts’ content and walk out the door feeling absolutely fabulous.

Furry little Max (or Bella) can do little more than lick their paws until they shine real nice and trot out with their tails a-waggin’.

Enter the Dog Collar.

A game changer for the Four-legged Fashion Game. Collars can be used for training, walking, identification, and fashion but remember… the best dog collar always incorporate that last one. 

Now lets find the perfect dog collar!

1. Flat Dog Collar (with quick release or buckle)

  • This is the most common collar and the gold standard. It’s easy to add an identification tag to and will only cause injury to most extreme behaviors. Consider this the ‘blue jeans’ of the dog collar world. We should all have at least one really good pair
  • But much like those blue jeans, you should spend the extra money to get a quality pair that will last a long time and make your tail look good!

Pro Tip: Quick release collars are convenient and add a layer of safety, but most pet owners prefer a buckle closure for its sturdiness. 

2. Head Collar

5 Best Types of Dog Collars for Dogs

  • At first glance these can look like muzzles but they actually are a very useful training tool. The halter fits comfortably but snugly around your dog’s snout. When they start to pull or lunge, the head collar will force their head to turn one way or the other. This awkward movement discourages the bad behavior. 

The most popular brand is the Gentle Leader and I can personally attest to it’s usefulness in training my boy Cooper.

3. Slip Collar

I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of slip collars. However… they DO have their use. 

  • They are named as such because as a dog pulls and strains, the collar slips through itself and tightens around the neck. They are useful for unruly, hard to control, and dangerous dogs, and they are often used at veterinary offices to give the staff an extra measure of protection in a potentially stressful situation. 

A MUCH better (and stylish!) option is the Martingale Collar (see next)

4. Martingale Dog Collar


The heralded Martingale Collar combines the gold standard Flat collar with the functionality of the Slip Collar… but in a limited and safer (for the dog) way. 

  • The structure of the Martingale component adds built in limitation to prevent how tight the collar becomes and will protect the dog from injury. 

See these beautiful examples:


Courtesy of Ruff Threads

5. Smart Dog Collars

Is your dog as geeky and tech savvy as you are?

Don’t worry, there’s no shame in that label. Among other things, we live in a tech-advanced world. Computers in our pockets, computers on our wrists, everything we want at our fingertips.  Why should your dog be left behind?

These high-tech collars offer built in GPS, behavioral monitoring, training assistance, health tracking, and even smart phone compatibility. There are multiple examples and multiple price ranges, so do your research before making a purchase. 

Here is one top-of-the-line option endorsed by Cesar Milan:

No matter your style or flair, remember to give your dog some style and flair! 

There are plenty of options so don’t limit yourself and your dog to just one. After all, you don’t have only one shirt… do you?


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 

I know plenty of talented folks who actually produce these collars and we can definitely point you in the right direction.

And for you Makers out there, my store carries all the buckle, d-ring, slide adjuster, and fancy ribbon that you need to make a custom collar. I even started carrying Martingale Chains! 

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